MKM Innovation Group provides technology consulting, training and Building Information Modeling services.

Jason Waddell

President, MKM Innovation Group

Right now, the market is flooded with apps, software and technology and we are seeing more and more every day. Trying these new tools out for a short time and implementing them within your company can be very challenging.

AEC companies need knowledgeable people with the skills to understand these tools and how to apply them on the job. With our experience and knowledge, we can not only provide that service but we will use these tools on the job before ever recommending one app/tool over another.

Software venders and resellers are good at creating and selling tools but it's very challenging for the end user to make the tools work together. We have extensive experience in this area and a lot to bring to a client in the way of training and services. By hiring MKM Innovation Group, you can expect three outcomes:

  1. Win more work through better, more professional proposals and interviews

  2. Reduced risk through early planning by virtually building the project

  3. Ultimately save money

I 100% vouch for Jason. He has been there and done that and if he is in the room or on the phone with your clients he will knock their socks off. This guys knows all of the leading AEC software solutions like the back of his hand and has experience with everything from Drones to Total stations and laser scanners.
— Ron Perkins, President, Jobsite Tech Group